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    The 15th European AIDS Conference will be held in Barcelona, Spain, October 21-24, 2015


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Welcome to the European AIDS Clinical Society

The European AIDS Clinical Society is a not-for-profit organisation whose mission is to promote excellence in standards of care, research and education in HIV infection and related co-infections, and to actively engage in the formulation of public health policy, with the aim of reducing HIV disease burden across Europe.


The main activities of the Society are:

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In memoriam

The European AIDS Clinical Society is very saddened about the loss of so many members of the international AIDS community on flight MH17. More than 290 people on board MH17, July 17 2014 were en route, many of them to the AIDS 2014 conference in Melbourne, Australia. Joep Lange and his partner Jacqueline van Tongeren were among them.


Joep Lange had been an extraordinary pioneer and charismatic leader since the early days of the AIDS epidemic. As past president of the International AIDS Society and as a leading Dutch academic researcher, he fought continously for the dignity of all HIV-infected people across the world. Joep was a strong voice and committed advocate for access to HIV care for all and especially in Asia and Africa. Throughout the years, he was fearless in speaking truth, in particular in taking public officials to task.


Twelve years ago, during the closing ceremony of the XIVth International AIDS Conference in Barcelona, Joep Lange said “If we can get cold Coca-Cola and beer to every remote corner of Africa, it should not be impossible to do the same with drugs."  


His words were an inspiration to us. Later, Joep Lange became the driving force behind the Amsterdam Institute for Global Health and Development.


Many of us knew him as a wonderful friend as well as an outstanding scientific colleague. He was broad of expertise and an outstanding and passionate lecturer. This is an unspeakable loss. He was also a dedicated father of five children.


His partner Jacqueline van Tongeren coordinated many HIV/AIDS and health-related projects. She had worked closely with Joep Lange for many years.


Martine de Schutter and Pim de Kuijer who worked for Dutch NGOs were also on board of flight MH17.


The European AIDS Clinical Society expresses its sincere condolences to all relatives, family members and friends of people on board flight MH17.



EACS European Treatment Guidelines updated

The EACS Treatment Guidelines have been updated effective June 1 to version 7.02. Changes are made in "Initial Combination Regimen for ART-naïve Adult HIV-positive persons", "Recommended Regimens", p8. Download version 7.02 in English


16th European AIDS Conference Venue 2017

The EACS members who wish to host a conference in their country are invited to bid for the 2017 European AIDS conference venue.


The biddings must be submitted no later than September 15, 2014


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European Treatment Guidelines

 Version 7.1 – November 2014



EACS Guidelines go Mobile

With version 7.0, EACS treatment guidelines are also available as mobile applications for:


Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini, iPod Touch) Smartphones and tablets running Google's Android operating system


Download the app from the App Store and Google Play



The 14th European AIDS Conference was held in Brussels, Belgium, October 16-19, 2013

NAM/AIDSMAP was the official provider of online science news and reported on key research presented at the conference, publishing news online at and sending out news summary bulletins by email. 


View the webcast of the oral sessions here


Conference Website